Penicuik Irish Dance Classes

Michelle Haughey Edwards (ADCRG) and Owen McAuley (ADRCG) and the Rinceoiri le Cheile School of Irish Dancing are pleased to welcome you to Irish Dance classes in Penicuik, UK.

Michelle Haughey Edwards opened her Irish dance school in April 1996 and was later joined by Owen McAuley when the Haughey McAuley Academy of Irish Dancing was formed. Since then we have put 2 of our dancers through there Teaching Exam and were delighted when Erin O’Connor (TCRG) passed in 2011 and Judith Clyne (TCRG) passed in 2012. Both have now joined the teaching staff with their own schools.

In 2017 we merged with the Carroll Lehane Academy to form the Rinceoiri le Cheile School of Irish Dancing.

Every one of our dancers is special to us and we believe we are providing solid foundations to enable them to reach their full potential within the work of Irish Dancing as well as other physical activities.

At the Rinceoiri le Cheile School of Irish Dancing in Penicuik we are privileged to be entrusted with the fostering and nurturing of the young ones artistic potential. Youngsters thrive on experiences that give rise to achievement and praise which is an important part of our weekly classes.

It is vital that we realise just how much a child’s developing self-belief is influenced by the feedback they receive from important adults in their lives.

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Penicuik Irish Dance Classes

Penicuik Studio, 26 Croft Street, Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 9DJ

Monday & Wednesday
5pm – 6.15pm – Beginners/Primary
6.15pm – 8pm – Advanced

5pm – 7pm – Advanced
followed by Emma Buchanan Fitness & Wellbeing strength & core fitness class 7pm – 8pm