Laura Haughey (TCRG)

Laura had a very successful competing career, achieving All-Scotland champion, top 3 in the UK, and placing 12th in the World for solo competitions.

She joined an Irish dancing troupe in 2000 touring Europe as one of the leading solo dancers before returning to her home-town of Penicuik, Scotland to study for (and pass) her TCRG.

Laura began teaching in 2003 with her own school in Edinburgh, before moving to St Albans.  Laura set up classes in St Albans in 2009 and the school quickly became a success. Dancers have performed in local events in and around St Albans, with the highlight so far being the St Alban’s Mayor’s Ball.

In 2014, Laura merged with her sister’s school (based in Penicuik, Tranent and Peebles, Scotland) and became the English branch of the Haughey McAuley Academy.

Laura Haughey runs Irish dance classes in St. Albans.

Laura Haughey