Welcome to the Rinceoiri le Cheile School of Irish Dancing

Rinceoiri le Cheile was established in 2017, with the merger of two very successful Irish Dancing academies: Haughey McAuley and Carroll Lehane.

We are privileged to be entrusted with nurturing our dancer’s artistic abilities. Every one of our Irish dancers is special to us and we provide them with solid foundations to help them to reach their full potential as Irish dancers.

You will find us at most of the Irish Dance Feis throughout the UK, Scotland and overseas, as well as the An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha World Irish Dancing Championships, with solo and team dancers taking part.

We have regular classes across the country, with more details found on our classes page and you can contact us here for more information about our school.

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    Rinceoiri Le Cheile is an An Coimisiún Irish Dancing school based in Edinburgh & the Lothians, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

    Irish dancing is an exciting and ever evolving dance form with a long history and a strong sense of tradition’.

    Focused primarily on footwork, Irish dancing is performed either individually (step dancing) or by teams (céilí and set dancing), and is accompanied by traditional Irish music played on a variety of instruments such as accordion, piano, fiddle, flute or banjo.

    Timing and rhythm are of the utmost importance and it is the intricate and fast paced footwork that has captured the imagination of the world outside of the Irish community.

    Irish dancing helps to develop coordination, timing, rhythm, fitness, self-awareness and teamwork. It is often found to be much more engaging than other forms of dance, captivating those who have shown little interest in other genres.

    For further information on Irish dancing and our governing body, have a look at the CLRG website